Friday, 1 February 2013


Displaying my confetti in a mini apothecary jar always makes me happy when I glance over at it.
Pampering myself to an ombre manicure.
The 90's are calling, they want their pants back. I'm okay with trying out trends (especially when 
they only cost only $10), like floral leggings, even if they only get worn around my house. If i'm 
feeling bold, i'll pair them with these sandals, a white tee & this hat. Hello, Spring!
Flipping through the fun pages of my Kate Spade agenda, makes scheduling my favourite time of day.
Essie's "Fiji" & these gorgeous earrings from Joe Fresh ($7!)
p.s. enjoy 20% off over at Maya Brenner Designs using code STEPHANIE20
& have yourself an amazing start to your February xoxo


  1. I love the confetti in the jar! Very colorful and pretty!


  2. So fun. Love that Kate Spade agenda!

  3. These are very charming items! I love the mini apothecary jar - I have been looking for some of my own! Happy Friday!

    Haute Child in the City

  4. I love that you keep a little confetti around, that seems so fun! Great picks.

    Chelsea & The City

  5. I really like your Kate Spade agenda. I wonder what the other pages look like. I really want to check out the store in Yorkdale.

  6. Stephanie Koch2 February 2013 22:24

    The confetti in a jar is the greatest. Obviously practical for you since you use it for packaging but simultaneously whimsical! Gorgeous photos.


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