An Easy Guide to House Plants

Growing up in my Grandfather’s garden and in an Eastern European family, plants were a big deal. Whenever we’d visit someone’s home, or they’d come over, they would always want to come outside to see the garden. I kind of laugh to myself now thinking about it, but it’s so cute! Now, I find myself fascinated by the same things (guess it’s in my blood), whether it’s when I travel or visit someone. Since I can’t have my glorious garden (yet), I like to bring the life inside our home.

Plants are excellent for your mental health, air quality (yes they release lots of great oxygen for you to breathe) and just look so stinkin’ cute! You don’t have to be intimated because I have created a super easy guide to house plants (and in case you’re still scared you’re going to kill them, I’m sharing the best faux plants I’ve seen down below)…

I’d highly recommend two on my list above: the snake plant (it’s impossible to kill, trust me, I’ve traveled and left it in a dark room for weeks) and the aloe vera plant. Aloe vera has amazing healing properties, so if you ever get a breakout, cut or burn, you can snip some off your plant and squeeze it out (i like to keep a stem in my fridge at all times). The gel-like consistency has antioxidant and antibacterial properties which is great for your skin!

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Hey! We’re all friends here and I won’t judge you if you can’t keep a plant alive! I personally love bringing “life” to my condo, but I do have some faux plants (because we travel and they last forever). Here are some of my favourite places to shop for plants that look real but don’t have all the work…

Fiddle Leaf: Pottery Barn // Olive Tree: Crate & Barrel // Cactus: Target // Olive Tree: Target