Hey babes! Hope you had an amazing holiday!! The 12 days of Vlogmas are over (I’m sad to say) and we are ending it off with a huge GIVEAWAY! I teamed up with Google to share how I use my Google Pixel 2 smartphone, and we wanted to give you the opportunity to win one for yourself as well. And hat’s not all! Another person will win their very own and incredibly versatile Google Pixelbook as well! Watch the video until the end to find out how you can enter…

When I travel I love to have my phone on hand for quick snaps of scenery or outfits, because sometimes you just don’t want to carry around a big camera and honestly the camera on the Google Pixel 2 is so incredible the I don’t even need that DSLR! I took all of the photos below on my phone and most of this video was also filmed on the Google Pixel 2’s – so amazing!

Love the Pixel 2 for low-light photography!

Exploring Old Quebec at Christmas…

Dinner at SAM Bistro inside the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac 

Sledding with the best view in sight!

The beautiful Fairmont Chateau Frontenac!

Magical at Christmas time…

Pixel 2’s amazing front facing camera is a selfie dream!

Thank you all so much for joining me this season for my first ever Vlogmas, and I’m so excited to grow my YouTube community. I am so grateful for the support and engagement on this new platform, and I am so excited to continue making videos in the new year for you all! Let me know what you’d like to see more of on my channel and/or blog down below in the comments!


1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel

2. Comment below letting me know your requests for 2018 on my channel (it can be anything you’d like to see: home decor, tutorials, travel, style tips etc.)

3. Comment on my last Instagram post using the hashtag #SSVlogmasFam letting me know you’ve entered the giveaway!

THAT’S IT! THAT’S ALL! Good Luck! xo

Thank You to Google for partnering on this video & for sponsoring these giveaways.



From your shopping trip post to Target, I’ve been catching all your posts and Insta pics! Happy to say my Christmas wish list for my hunny had several items from your posts, including my fav gift the black #freepeople happy trails beanie. My NYE pic, I’m wearing the gorgeous grey Leith sweater and Nadri stud earrings. My love spoiled me 😍. Can’t wait for 2018, gotta love your leggings today! Xo @suzannet_yyc


Love your photos of Quebec City. I went in the summertime but seeing your photos I will have to go for Christmas next year,

Love to see more travel information. I am heading to Australia and Japan in 2018 and would appreciate any ideas.


Steph & Neal! Loved your Vlogmas videos, so excited to see what’s coming in 2018! I’ve been contemplating switching from iOS to Android lately so this would be absolutely perfect ☺️ I’d love to see photography (ie. editing pics for Insta/Blog posts) and video editing tutorials and more travel vlogs of course!! Wishing you both (& Lucy) a very Happy New Year 🎆


Steph, I would love to see more of everything; fashion, home decor, DIYs and definitely travel. Your Quebec city pictures look fantastic.


Would love to see you continue your home decor posts! Our household is making the switch to Google–my husband just got a Pixel 2 and I’m so jealous of the camera! And we outfitted our place with the Google Home & Google Home Mini over Christmas Break. A Pixelbook would be a dream! Keep up the good work in 2018.

Caraline Goodman

Hi Guys! Your Vlogmas videos were amazing and I totally enjoyed getting a little sneak peek into your lives at Christmas. Next year I’d love to see some home decor inspiration and travel tips and fun. But I have to say my favorite Vlogmas video was the one on your She Reads Truth advent devotional — I’d love to know your advice on staying grounded through the year as well as incorporating time for Jesus into your life daily! The world gets so crazy and it’s good to remember he’s part of life all year, not just at the holidays. ❤️ Hope you all have a Wonderful New Year!


I’d love to see more organizing and home decor posts!! Happy New Year to you and your family!! xoxo #SSVLOGMASFAM


Oh wow I can’t believe some of these pictures where taken on a phone! Quebec looks dreamy in all the snow!

I’d love to see some videos on organisation from kitchen storage to your closet (and how you purge things) I’m super inspired this year to start doing a huge purge because I’ve realised there is so many things I actually could live without and don’t need lying around and would be more use to someone else!

Happy New Year Stephanie and Neal



Would love to see home decor tips since your home always looks so cozy. I think a post on how you and Neal find a balance between working together and being married could be interesting.


(I commented on the YouTube video but then I thought of something else I’d love to see as well. Sorry for the double posting!)
I know it’s easy to get burnt out, especially when running your own businesses and trying to accomplish everything. I’d love to see posts on what you do to truly relax or wind down. Maybe it’s an unglamorous night at home. Or maybe it’s ongoing self-care practises for when you feel life getting hectic and overwhelming.
I feel often society puts a lot of pressure on us to have busy, full lives where we’re always doing something big and accomplishing something huge, while at the same time reminding people to relax. That said, finding that balance can be difficult! If you’re not busy ENOUGH, it looks bad, and if you’re relaxing too much, then you’re not furthering your career, for example. Seeing and hearing from someone like you, who is successful, on how they enjoy both sides of life, would he interesting and helpful! It’s always nice to see the simple things bloggers may do day to day (as well as the outfit and makeup inspiration)!
Been following you for years now, and really do enjoy your content. Happy new year to you, Neal, and Lucy!


i would love to see more about ontario travel. i’m always looking for new inexpensive places to go!


Ontario travel would be awesome – I didn’t know there is a funky tree house so close to me! I just randomly discovered you today and I’m obsessed already haha. Thanks!


Would love to see more Ontario trips! and home decor… particularly currently kitchen organization


Aww, so jealous. I was hoping to get there this Christmas for a short trip. Partly because I love the city, but mainly because I’ve heard it’s like a scene out of Harry Potter during Christmas. 🙂 I’ve already said on YouTube, but I love when you do home decor and shopping videos. Living in the same area gives me a chance to take advantage when you show something I like! Thanks for the giveaway. Happy 2018!

Caitlin Melvin

I’m subscribed to your YouTube, commented on your last insta pic ANDDDD
would love to see more skincare posts and weekend getaway travel posts in 2018 <3
I just came back from Quebec City! We stayed at the Chateau Frontenac as well and it was SOOOO stunning (went down the ice slide twice lol)

Christine Curtis

I’d love to see some more home decor and I have to say I’m a Target junkie too, so I love watching your hauls! Lol


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