Say hello to the new additions to my stationary! I am using these to add a little fun to

my packaging for Washi tape is a little something that originated in

Japan, which is basically paper tape with adorable designs.

I know little details in branding and packaging make me

super happy, so naturally I have to do the same for my own clients!

Just adds a personal touch I feel. I decided to go with my signature brand colours:

black, white and gold Ś in my favourite prints: bows, polka dots and stripes!

I also love using them for snail mail and my agenda. I’m trying to find more excuses to include

this tape everywhere, because I am simply smitten by them. Who knew tape could make a

girl so happy? It’s probably pretty clear it doesn’t take too much to make this girl happy!



I could probably dedicate an entire Pinterest board to washi tape, and yet I have yet to purchase any myself … It's on my to-do list. ­čÖé Love the patterns you chose!

Steph Sterjovski

They have tons on etsy for super cheap ­čÖé
Thanks I am quite happy with the ones I chose as well! I loved the colourful ones, but decided to stay in my brands colours!


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