One thing I don’t play around with is my time to unwind at the end of each day. I mentally need this time to prepare myself for bed, because anyone who runs their own business knows the feeling of always being “on.” Especially since I work from home, I enjoy having a separate space with no electronics. I love pampering, reading and relaxing in my bedroom and I feel it’s a space that should feel peaceful. I find this time to be so helpful to get my mind off the “to-do” list and truly just shut off for the evening. Grab a cup of tea and scroll through to find out how I unwind…


First things first! Bubble Bath! I usually take a bath before I get ready for bedtime – I’m a huge fan of them! The day I move into the condo without my beloved tub will be a sad day for me. For now, I’m enjoying them a ton! I light some candles and that just sends a signal to my brain that it’s time to relax. I usually listen to a podcast (I love Joyce Meyer) as it just feeds me with the good stuff.

After that, I hop into my pyjamas (which is basically the best part of the day, let’s be real!) and then get into bed with a good book. I also keep a gratitude journal by my bedside that I write in at the end of each day. No matter what happened that day, there are always reasons to be grateful.


My latest obsession is this Aroma Om Deluxe Nebulizer from Saje Wellness. It’s the newest addition to my routine and I’m so happy with the results, it just send me off to dreamland. I’ve been a huge fan of Saje for a while now, but never owned one of their diffusers. I get occasional allergies and living in Canada the dry air during the winter months can be brutal — this totally helps with all of that and more! I’m also kind of obsessed with the fact that it lights up and changes colours. You just add water and a few drops of your favourite diffuser blend and you can set the timer to 1hr, 2hrs or 3hrs. Perfect for that time spent in bed reading a book. I am in love (if you haven’t already caught on via my Snapchat). I am ready to buy everyone on my list one of these for Christmas!


Relax & Good Health Diffuser Blend Kits


My bedside set up, complete with the Color Sisterhood, Saje Diffuser blends (my fave is the liquid sunshine), Gem Candles, fresh blooms and Aroma Nebulizer. Make this area your relaxation army.


Aroma Breeze Diffuser (I usually keep this one in my office while I work away).


Additional Tip: I love keeping this Remedy Bar at my desk for almost any ailment.

Thank You to Saje Wellness for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.