I came across something while browsing on Pinterest the other day that was a prompt to do more journaling. Everyday I write in a gratitude journal, read my bible, and reflect, reflect, reflect! I used to self-reflect into self destruction in my youth, over analyzing everything I did, didn’t do, should do until I felt so guilty and hard on myself. That was before I knew the grace of God fully, but sometimes I do find spiritual warfare and it challenges me. There’s a difference between feeling convicted (which comes from God) and being shamed (which comes from the enemy). Now I see self-reflection as a way to grow in my character, rather than attack myself. Sometimes we just carry on in life and do whatever we think we should be doing, but seldom do we stop to think about our purpose. I loved some of these questions, so I wanted to share them with you in today’s blogpost and you can either journal on your own, or if you feel open to sharing, leave me your answers in the comments below! I love hearing what this community has to say! I’ll even answer some too! XOXO


God’s Grace, My Husband, My Family, Our Health, My Dogs, My Two Businesses & the amazing opportunities it brings us, A Cozy Home (shelter, food, rest), Our Friends, Travelling the world and Sunsets.


Lately, our puppy Lucy has been the biggest joy in our lives. Whenever she does something really cute or learns something, we become these giddy, proud parents who are obsessed with her!


Not being able to do everything I want to in a shorter period of time. I have so many things I want to bring to fruition, but there are time limitations. Whether it’s videos we want to put out faster, my website revamp or collections for my print shop – I wish some things didn’t take so long, but that’s a good lesson in patience for me! I just love bringing you all our best and want to do even more! 🙂


This is a whole blogpost in and of itself! I wouldn’t say I was a rebel, I played life pretty safe actually, I was pretty fearful. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and like most people, fell in to the wrong friend groups at times. However, like all teenagers, we go through a phase and we’re not all proud of those growing periods. I would just say, Stephanie, you’re already spoken for. You have a Father in heaven who loves you as you are. You don’t need the approval of others, you don’t need to judge everyone’s actions around you and let them hurt you, and if you follow God’s way for you, it’ll turn out better than you could even plan yourself. Everything I went through when I was younger, God was there. I wasn’t fully aware of the gospel, I was baptized in an Orthodox church as a baby but never completely absorbed the message or knew a lot about what God said about me or wanted for my life. It was more cultural for me growing up. A year after high school, I discovered a non-denominational church I am still apart of now, and it has blessed me over and over. I always felt God existed growing up, I’m thankful to my family for that, but I really knew Him as I started becoming a woman and got baptized again in 2015. Maybe one day i’ll share my full testimony on the blog! I’m really grateful God gave me Neal right after I finished high school. He was such a blessing to me at a time I needed a good person in my life and we were able to grow through our most defining years together and not apart. To answer the second part of this question, I’m not perfect, but I do follow this now and God’s plan is always better (He’s proven that in my relationships, business, personal life etc.). Thank You Jesus! 


I shared my full morning routine here if you want to check that out!


I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf! Mostly because I know I would totally suck at it and be so in my own head that I would fall a million times. I guess the challenge is what makes me want to learn how to do it more because if I can conquer surfing, I feel like I could conquer almost anything else, haha!


This is such a loaded question, but I pulled this one from the list on purpose. It’s SUCH a valuable question we definitely don’t ask ourselves enough, as we’re all kind of passive to it (in my opinion and myself included). We get up, go to our jobs, and do things but I truly believe purpose fuels passion. If you’re lacking passion, assess your purpose! Our pastor always asks us what legacy we want to leave behind and I love the challenge of this question and try to meditate on it everyday. I hope and pray my legacy is that I left people better than I found them. I pray that they were hopefully touched by my kindness and that I inspired even just one individual, but I’d say my biggest hope is that through being with me they would want to know God (and know how much they are loved by Him), and draw near Him, not because I preached at them (not my style), but by the way I loved them. I want to love the way Jesus did, and in no way am I a perfect human being to achieve that, but I like to try everyday. Not a heavy question at all right? Haha!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I had so much fun writing it for you all. I like sharing more of what’s on my heart lately, and letting you guys get to know me more so I hope you all are okay with that too! Again, I’d love to see your answers to these questions, so drop me them in the comments below, I read every single one! XO



Daniela Bozinovski

I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since I can remember but they got bad in University. I still suffer from them at work everyday. I am not alone! Other women are successful and have experienced this as well. Thank you for this post!!! 💗

Stephanie Sterjovski

Praying for you Daniela! You are not alone! I really don’t wish them on anyone! A great resource is this book by one of my favourite authors John Mark Comer called “My Name is Hope” – give it a read! xoxo

Chasity Clifton

I love this post! Your faith, honesty, and encouragement are so refreshing!!


I totally agree that this is your best post by far! The Lord is pleased with how you’re using your talents and gifts to make Him known. Your Father is proud of you. I’d love to hear your testimony too 😊


I absolutely love this post – your best ever! These are such great questions that put into perspective things we overlook or take for granted. I enjoyed reading your responses and will definitely be taking the time to consider my own responses!

As some of the others have said, I would love to hear your full testimony some day!

xo Mary-Katherine


Thank you, this was such an insightful read and I really loved it! I’m glad you share about your faith and relationship with God!

Sarah de Marrero

This was so insightful, and it truly gave me the chance to reflect on my life goals in light of my walk with Christ. Thanks for sharing!


What an encouragement and blessing you are to the world of fashion and blogging! Thanking Jesus for people like you who are bringing the glory to his name and not themselves! I am an interior designer in Sydney Australia who is asking God to show me how he can use my gifts wisely to serve and be a light to others in a world full of material things! Thank you! X B

Stephanie Sterjovski

Wow, Australia! It amazes me still how we can connect with people all over the globe on the internet. Thank you for saying that Briony, I believe God uses ALL gifts to bring His glory through us if we are willing, so happy to hear that! XO


Thank you for being so open and honest with us! You have inspired me to try and work harder on building my relationship with God. Its so easy to get distracted and caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of life that sometimes I feel guilty for kind of falling off track.

I truly enjoyed reading this post while listening to my Hillsong United pandora playlist ( heard about them through your previous posts 😊) This was touching and I am definitely going to think about my own responses to these questions especially the legacy one!

Would love to know what some of your favorite Hillsong United songs are or what other musicians you’d recommend 🙂

Stephanie Sterjovski

Hi Lexi, Thank you so much for sharing your heart. The Lord’s mercy is new every morning, He is with us always, even when we feel far from Him, He is always near my love! Grace upon grace!

Hillsong Faves: Closer Than You Know, In Control, Crowns, Transfiguration, Life all give me chills! My faves off the new album are Shape of Your Heart, Not Today & Glimmer in The Dust, but honestly, I love them all!!
Other worship: Bethel Music, Amanda Cook & Lauren Daigle are some of my faves 🙂



Thank you so much for your kind reply! It means so much!

And thank you for those song and other favorite worship music suggestions I will be purchasing and checking out all of them on itunes! I also screenshot the ones you posted on your instastories 🙂

Keep inspiring people 💜


Hi Stephanie,

I’ve loved learning more about you and wanted to let you know you are such an inspiration. I have a chronic disease which I recently let take control of my whole being. Through your blog I am beginning to find myself again…or maybe reinvent myself. Your posts have helped me discover so many things that are helping me become a happier person and a more grateful person. From learning about the five minute journal, she reads truth, and even seeing certain foods you post and a little speckled vase purchase, you have helped me appreciate all the little things and see life in a more positive light. I cannot thank you enough for having the courage and strength to put yourself out there in front of the world. I look forward to your next post and strive to be more like you every day.

Stephanie Sterjovski

Alexandra! Your words blessed me so much. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with me. I will be praying for you, and know that God can do amazing work through the things that make us feel weak. Thank you for taking the time to even share those kind words for me in your busy day! xo

Rebekah Meadows

What an inspiration you are!! I read the Holy Spirit through in between each line here.

You’re not just an influence in the fashion and blogging world, but you are a wonderful spiritual influence. I just kept “amen”-ing all I read in this post. Thank you for giving out in this way … it does more than you know!!


Thanks so much for sharing. It’s so easy to beat yourself up, and takes a lot of effort to change those thoughts and use them productively; something I am really working on now.

Which church do you attend in Toronto? I grew up in the church and stopped going during high school. Just this Spring after 9 years I have started going again, this time for me.

Carling x


You are such a blessing to so many by opening up like this. I love your heart so much boo boo!


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