Good morning babes! I am so excited to kick off VLOGMAS with you all here on my blog and my YouTube channel. If you don’t know what VLOGMAS is it’s basically where content creators vlog everyday leading up to Christmas. Since that would be really tough with my schedule, I thought I would try getting 25 videos up over the course of November & December instead. I’m hoping I can do two videos up per week just sharing our Christmas traditions, decorating, baking, behind the scenes of our holiday campaigns, beauty tutorials, holiday outfit ideas etc. I’m kicking off the first video with a fun trip to Target where I picked up most of our decor this year from the Magnolia (Hearth & Hand) collaboration (because I love Chip & Jo so much! Any Fixer Upper fans?). I also found so many other great ornaments, decor and more. Everything I purchased can be found below…

Patterned Ornament Set (8pc): Hearth & Hand with Magnolia for Target

Wool Mice Ornaments (I thought they were lambys, lol!): Target

Nativity Christmas Ornament: Target

Fable House Ornament: Target

7-piece Nativity Set (White): Target 

Christmas Battery Frosted Dew Drops String Lights: Target 

Artificial Lamb Ear Garland with White Berries: Hearth & Hand with Magnolia for Target

Artificial Juniper Wreath with Bell: Hearth & Hand with Magnolia for Target

Merry Christmas Embroidered Throw Pillow: Hearth & Hand with Mangolia

Embroidered Wreath Throw Pillow: Hearth & Hand with Magnolia 

Gift Tags: Hearth & Hand with Magnolia for Target

Blanket Ladder: Threshold at Target

Light Up House Stocking Holder: Target (wood & white)

Wreath Ornament: Hearth & Hand with Magnolia for Target

Artificial Lamb Ear and White Berry Wreath: Hearth & Hand with Magnolia for Target

BARK Pet Toys: Target (Picked up Lucy the Starbucks cup, Ugg boot & Cookies)

Wit & Delight Buffalo Check Antlers Pet Costume: Target

Knit Bow Collar Slide Set Pet Costume Accessories: Target

Wit & Delight Ho Ho Ho Buffalo Check Bandana for Pets: Target

Balsam & Spice Candle: Magnolia for Target

Cedar Magnolia Candle: Magnolia for Target


Hope you all enjoyed the first VLOGMAS! To kick us off, I forgot to include this in the video (which I will be doing for the rest of them going forward), but I wanted to do a giveaway for my subscribers! I am giving away a Tiffany & Co. fragrance (a perfect gift for Christmas for you or someone else) and all you have to do to enter is:

  2. COMMENT ON MY LAST INSTAGRAM POST WITH A VLOGMAS REQUEST (tutorials, baking recipes etc.)
  3. COMMENT BELOW ON MY BLOGPOST (let me know you’ve done steps 1 & 2 and your usernames on both platforms)

Winner will be announced in the next VLOGMAS VIDEO! Huge Love!



Lucy Armstrong

Lovelovelove your target haul! I am a huge fan of target. I have done both YouTube subscribe and Instagram comment. Thanks for your positive approach so fun! @lucyarnstein


Hi Stephanie!! I loved your first vlog of the season!! Such great finds at Target & loved the way you styled them. There’s nothing better than the feeling of Christmas- I’m looking forward to the rest of VLOGMAS!!
Caitlinsproule (YouTube)
Caitlinmarie724 (instagram)


Absolutely loved this Vlog! Perfect start to the holiday season 🙂 As someone who lives in an apartment, I love seeing fun way to incorporate holiday style in new ways for my small space. The shelfie is such a lovely idea!

I’d like to see some baking tutorials or possibly some cute holiday ideas I can do for my little dog, Ollie.

Commented & subscribed

Instagram: trishahancock
YouTube: Trisha Hancock


Another wonderful video, Stephanie, and such a generous giveaway. I have completed steps one and two. My Instagram handle is @pearlslaceandgrace and my YouTube handle is Pearls, Lace and Grace. Wishing you a lovely holiday season.


Steps 1 and 2 completed ☺️ Instagram username: khrystyna__ and youtube username: khrystynalovess


Hi Stephanie! I’ve been a loyal and long subscriber and glad you’re putting out more. I commented on your last Instagram post. You’re my favorite blogger/brand because of your classiness and spreading spirituality. All love from @littlegiantlife

Anca Buia

Hi there, now I need to get to Target asap! I’ve completed the above steps and can’t wait to watch more of your vlogmas! YouTube: Anca Buia Insta: ancambu

Leslie Y

I followed both steps 1 & 2 I love your litte family! God bless you guys ! Please pick me in need of some good luck…!


Did both steps 1 and 2 also love that you are Canadian it’s great to watch someone from YouTube do things and shop in the places I am from


Had fun watching your vlogmas. ❤️ Now I want to go to target to shop for Christmas stuff. 🎄🎄🎄Entered giveaway too!

Emma Reinhold

Can’t wait for Vlogmas! I’ve completed both steps for the giveaway, and here’s my info:
Insta: emmareinhold5
Youtube: Emma Reinhold

Sydney Harris

Hey I completed all the steps! Can’t wait for more vlogmas 🎄❄️My YouTube is Sydney Harris & my Insta is sydharris13


I’m so excited about this! I love your vlogs and I love Christmas, so both x25 is THE BEST!
Youtube : Mariah Franzmann
Instagram: mariah.ash.ley

Amanda Rogers

I’m a new subscriber and follower but so far love love love your channel and insta!! I love the giveaway you’re doing!! I’ve been really curious about trying the new Tiffany perfume but it’s so expensive. So fingers crossed!! I subscribed and commented 🙂 Insta: @amandarogerss
YouTube: @mandymae171


love to see some fun Christmas activities with Lucy🎄🐶 entered the giveaway with Jacqueline Nash (YouTube) and @jacnash (insta)


Loved this post! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I have entered the giveaway! Username: @everydayher_


Loved this!!! I have the blanket ladder you bought in a smaller version in my daughters nursery and just love it! I might have to pick up that nativity scene as well, super cute! Also, Neal is so cute with his little commentary at the end. And Lucy! What a doll!

You are cracking me up getting so excited for Target, I’m right there with you girl! Difference is I live walking distance from a Target but I still get just as excited 😊


Awww I love those antlers on Lucy at the end!
I love all the stuff you found in Target, I so wish we had one here. I got super excited when they started shipping to the UK but then realised so much stuff doesn’t ship internationally still 🙁
Can’t wait for my vlogmas videos!


Five Minute Style 


Hi from Calgary Steph! Love your vlogmas and Insta. I would have loved to be able to grab the items posted from Target, however, all of the Hearth & Hand does not ship to Canada…so looks great, but we are outta luck here! 😑

Helen Fu

Love the vlogmas. Thanks for sharing! I’ve done the two steps:)
Instagram: helenfufi
Username: lingyanhelen

Sarah Joma

Love this post, such beautiful Christmas decor! My username on YouTube is Sarah Jomaa and instagram is sarahjomaa

Louise C

The little lamb and village houses were my favourite, they’re just too cute!

And for the giveaway my usernames are:
Louise C (YouTube) and Chuiable_life (Instagram).

Love the fall and vlogmas videos and photos, so excited for Christmas! Xx

Pauline oconnor

Username on YouTube Pauline boncan
Username on Instagram therealhousewifeofoc

Maria LaBoyne

Love all the stuff you got, it’s amazing, your style is so beautiful both home and beauty ❤️

Maria LaBoyne

Hi pretty I did 1 & 2 love your style so much and would love to see more decor!! My user for YouTube is Maria LaBoyne and insta is decor_n_love 😬🤗😘

Holly Patrick

Hi Stephanie! I’ve done steps 1 and 2!
YouTube: hollpatrick90@gmail.com
Instagram: hollypatrick11

Love your blog! I look at your posts and stories whenever I see a new one and I have your site as a bookmark on my work computer 🙂

Lisa Hendrix

I love watching your videos and your page is gorgeous! I absolutely love Lucy 💕
Done 😊

Lisa Hendrix

Love your page and your little dog is precious 💕💕💕💕💕 Done


Love the fact that you’re doing #VLOGMAS!!! and you’ve started it in November!!! Yayyyyy! Also, I’ve entered #1 and #2

IG: @lizzieedee
YT: Elizabeth Davis


Going to the US next week and I’m definitely going to stop by at Target and grab some of the goodies you just vlogged about! I miss target in Canada so much 😓 How well do the candles work? I’ve been seeing a lot of people buying them!

Subscribed to your channel and commented on your latest Instagram post 🙂 Love your work Stephanie! Your blog and videos are srsly my downtime that I look forward to catching up on at the end of a busy working day! ❤️


Target and vlogmas! It couldn’t get much better. Love this video! I am subscribe to both Instagram (Khanh Cruz) and YouTube (treschic4). Can’t wait for more!


Loving Vlogmas! I especially love that Lucy makes an appearance in almost every video lately! She is so cute! For Vlogmas it would be great to see gift ideas under $100.


Oh no! I wrote a comment a couple of days back, but apparently it didn’t upload. So I’m trying again.

I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the fact that you’ve started Vlogmas, and already in November! Woo!! Christmas can’t start soon enough!

As for the giveaway, it’s such a sweet gift of you and I would love to participate. I’m not sure if it’s possible for international followers to participate, but I’d love to take a chance. I’ve done step 1 & 2 (Instagram Cariannw, YouTube Carian Wientjens).

Thank you and have a lovely day. <3

Big hug from the Netherlands,

xx Carian


OMG where is your mirror from!? The one you’re hanging your wreath on?? I’m obsessed and just got a new place that this mirror would be perfect for!


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