Dress: Free People // Earrings: Banana Republic // Sandals: Steve Madden // Bag: Urban Outfitters

Hey Babes! It’s Monday and I’ve still got lots of looks left from Croatia (thinking of bundling more of those in a recap post of our trip). I also wanted to get to sharing more home stuff again on the blog (patio nights for summer, decor etc.). Last week we were a bit delayed on videos to go up as we had some projects that needed tending to after returning from the trip and lots of time being put into covering the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I feel like it can take up to a month just to catch up (when we were only gone for 10 days) — it’s crazy! Also, my new website is getting so close to being done – I am so excited for this! So many fun things in the works I’ve been praying over and pouring myself into, I can’t wait to share more about this soon (this fall is going to be a really great season *WINK*). In the meantime, here’s what’s coming up to end off July and to look forward to on my channels…

+ Paris & Croatia Vlogs (subscribe here so you don’t miss any)

+ Recap of our Anniversary trip (where we stayed, what we did etc.)

+ Summer Skincare Faves (promising this for a while now)

+ Hair Styling Posts

+ Patio & Home Decor

+ More outfit posts!!

If you have any requests of anything you want to see more of, please let me know in the comments below! I am always so grateful for them and I’ll pick someone in the comments below to send a little prezzie to as a thank you as well… xoxo Have a great week!


Anna Berteele

Hey! I love reading your blog! I would love to see you MonthlyFavs Videos start up again. You always have the best finds!


Hi. I do have a question?? THe post right after the “Pray for Toronto” post…it was like a devotional or something. Where is that from or what is it. I really liked it and am curious what it’s from?? I tried sending a question from it but couldn’t. So that why I’m asking here.
Thank you so much. I hope you see this!
Have a Blessed Day!


More just life update posts, please! 🙂 I love when you share about newlywed life or being a business owner… it’s all good! 🙂


Always love seeing patio and home decor updates as I’m always trying to change/update parts of my house! Really looking for some great outdoor pillows and strong lights right now!


Your Croatia photos are 😍. As always I love all of your content and good vibes you send out. Travel, especially since I only get to get away in the summer, so I can live and wanderlust through your photos is what I love most! Also, love your home decor (especially seasonal/special occasion) posts. And fashion & skin care are what I love to see most! See, I love it all! Thank you for sharing all you do!


I love your posts! You’re so genuine and honest it’s refreshing :). I’d love to know more random facts about you and your travel plans with your hubby. I also love hearing about your experiences with different cultures xx


Just started following you and your hubby recently! Love your feeds and stories!
A fellow believer! 🙂

Emma Reinhold

Loved your content for quite some time now! I honestly just can’t wait for Fall fashion and the transition to all things cozy, and I know you’ll bring your A game for that for sure 😋❤️


You are such a light! Love your content! I’d love to learn more about your naturopath experience!


I would love some more updates and tips on how you balance everything you have going on.

Sarah Willett

Excited for all the new stuff coming! I’d love to see more videos about food, like what you get at the grocery store or some fun dinners y’all make. I know you’ve done a few things but those are always a hit for me 🙂


Would love to see more hair styling posts! Looking forward to your upcoming Fall content 🙂


This may be weird but I’d love to hear more about how SS Print Shop became a business for you and what goes into making the specific prints you do. I have a handful of your prints that I love! 💕

Stephanie Sterjovski

Aw thank you! That means so much to me. We are relaunching the shop later this year and I am so excited! Follow me on @ssprintshop and I will be sharing more of this over on there! xo


You look gorgeous as usual! I would love to hear more about how you use your fashion/lifestyle platform to share the good news of Jesus.

Stephanie Sterjovski

Thanks Tameka! I love sharing fashion/lifestyle, and it’s brought a large audience which I love to take the opportunity to share the good message and love of Christ to! xoxo

Andrea Smawley

I love all your travel content & videos. If you’re looking for some video recommendations, I love watching anything about organizing, decluttering how to plan for a trip overseas ect. ~Xoxo Andrea

Camille Churkoo

I’d love:
– how did you start as a blogger/instagrammer
– lessons you’ve learned (multiple topics: home, life, prayer, blogging, photography, etc)
– best decor ideas, styling projects (before/after), decor on a budget, etc
– behind the scenes (styling, outfits, videos, etc)


So excited for all of these upcoming projects (especially what the fall has in store 😉)!

I would love to see more day-in-the-life, decor posts (maybe a video on how you keep your condo so clean and tidy), snacks and food posts and videos (what you eat in a day), fashion (posts each season on the must have basics and trendy pieces for the upcoming season), faves videos, hauls and faith/positivity posts.

Would also love to see more day to day on stories!

Keep up your awesome work! 🤗


A bit delayed but I was hoping to see more videos on your YouTube journey. Maybe some advice on how you’ve felt since starting and what fears you overcame as well! Your videos are really great and I’m so glad to have come across your channel☺️


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